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01 October 2007 @ 03:49 pm
Wanted to get this posted up~

I'm snagging this thing axelified came up with. I thought it was pretty cool. Hope you don't mind! 8D; Slightly tweaked as to not be 100% thiefed. >:D

⇨ However long you've known me, whoever you are, whether I dated you, was in an RP with you, talked to you every day, became best friends with you, began considering you a brother or a sister. Anyone. WRITE ME A LITTLE SOMETHIN' TO MARK WHAT OUR FRIENDSHIP HAS DONE FOR YOU. Whether I've helped you, or what you miss about us... or if/what I mean to you or meant to you in the past. Anything! Tell me how you feel about me&us.
Tell me if you see us staying friends, if you think we should meet someday.

Please do this. I don't know all of you, so some of you won't have much to say, but the ones that do have a lot, please say it!
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